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All Shema kittens have found their loving families whereas we created a new app!
Shema - Baby Sleep Tracker
Shema is a smart, simple app to improve baby's sleep time. It has a sleep tracker, a chat with sleep experts and a huge library of music for sleeping.
Pick your baby’s favorite color
Shema whole set
A 18-month-old toddler uses a teether kitten to soothe sore gums. A teether case is convenient to carry with you and it serves as a nightlight stand as well. Plush kitten is a sleepy friend which is pleasant to hug while the module soothes with light, sound and vibrations.
Pick your baby’s favorite color
Plush Kitten Shema
without module
The plush kitten is made from soft velour. Smooth to the touch, allergy-friendly and safe for children starting from the first days of child’s life.
Application♥ responds quickly
to commands
All the most important touch switches are on the start page. Select the color of the night light to fit your babies mood. Sensitivity setup and playlists function.
It turns on automatically
Adjust sensors sensitivity. The kitten reacts to any sound or move. It will soothe your baby between different stages of sleep.
Safe for your baby. Control Shema remotely.
Record your melodies
Choose your baby’s favorite music. Download onto the memory card.
via USB
No batteries. Fully charged in 2 hours. Battery life is up to 12 hours in active mode
126 reviews♥ with an average rating 4.3
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Shema Marquis has been with us for two weeks. Such a great helper when getting baby to bed. Sleep meditation along with night light is a real treasure. Our daughter likes it very much.
We have a beige kitten. We named it after our cat Busya☺️ Let’s start with a box - it’s very stilish and appealing🥰like as we bought some new gadget. And we did! Module has a shape of an alien’s heart😍 which makes it so soft that you can’t stop caressing it! We listen to cat’s purring mostly before going to bed, but sometimes at daytime:) Our child started to realize that mummy can turn the kitten on by herself:)))but we try to make her believe that the kitten is magical and it purrs in joy or when it wants to sleep! Our daughter reacts to Shema immediately! When she gets cranky we simply turn on purring sound and lights on our Shema Busya... and that’s it) Peace and quiet! We are so attached to our beige Busya kitten! And the most amazing thing is that I can control the toy with a phone!!! No need to rush and press buttons on the module (you can do so as well). You can control and adjust all the settings in the app. Even from a different room!!! There’s a great chance to download any fairy tails, songs or poems that you like. The kitten is our “universal soldier”, always ready to help mum and dad! Super power to control the kitten with the app on the phone!

Hello, Madison!

“Universal soldier” is a great comparison. Shema can be really used for different purposes, both for funny games and peaceful rest. Your daughter will never be bored with her kitten.😉
App controlling is a great help for you: you don’t have to get to the module itself everytime you want to skip to the next lullaby or song, all you need to do is open the app and choose one from your list.🤓

Thank you for your awesome review. We are sure, that Shema will be a good friend for your daughter.🐱

Director of Quality Department
Svetlana Fadeeva

July 20, 2019
Generally we like the toy, as we couldn’t find any analogs on the market. The app is convenient, turning the toy on is easy. It’s sewed neatly. But in silence when the module is activating some noises and sound interference occur. And when we just turn on the toy the sound should increase gradually from quiet but not sharply to the adjusted volume. And still we continue exploring the kitten. High-quality material, soft light, convenient app controlling

Hello, Olivia.

Of course, our kitten is made of hypo allergenic velour, all the elements are embroidered. It’s really convenient that using our app you can control the toy remotely. We constantly strive to improve the app and the update will be available very soon.

The sound is expected to be pleasant, with no noises. We’ve sent you an e-mail to refine everything.
Thank you for your review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.
Director of Quality Department
Svetlana Fadeeva

July 12, 2019