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This kitten soothes babies.
It purrs, sings lullabies,
shines and its heart beats.
This Will Make Parent’s Life Easier
We made a toy that soothes babies. Shema is an innovation in the world of babies’ products. It is the first toy in which parents can control light, sound and vibrations using the App.
The magic that lives in your home.
From cat’s purring to symphony orchestra
Eight unique sounds - the sound of the mother's womb, soft cat’s purring and lullabies - will inspire and create a fairy-tale atmosphere.
The sound of the mother's womb
Lullabies №1
Lullabies №2
Mix №1
Mix №2
Mix №3
Mix №4
Shining as a rainbow
You can select any color and your room will shine. A soft warm light from the shades of the rainbow to the shimmer of the sea envelops the room. What could be calmer?
97 reviews with an average rating 4.3
Shema Marquis has been with us for two weeks. Such a great helper when getting baby to bed. Sleep meditation along with night light is a real treasure. Our daughter likes it very much.
We have a beige kitten. We named it after our cat Busya☺️ Let’s start with a box - it’s very stilish and appealing🥰like as we bought some new gadget. And we did! Module has a shape of an alien’s heart😍 which makes it so soft that you can’t stop caressing it! We listen to cat’s purring mostly before going to bed, but sometimes at daytime:) Our child started to realize that mummy can turn the kitten on by herself:)))but we try to make her believe that the kitten is magical and it purrs in joy or when it wants to sleep! Our daughter reacts to Shema immediately! When she gets cranky we simply turn on purring sound and lights on our Shema Busya... and that’s it) Peace and quiet! We are so attached to our beige Busya kitten! And the most amazing thing is that I can control the toy with a phone!!! No need to rush and press buttons on the module (you can do so as well). You can control and adjust all the settings in the app. Even from a different room!!! There’s a great chance to download any fairy tails, songs or poems that you like. The kitten is our “universal soldier”, always ready to help mum and dad! Super power to control the kitten with the app on the phone!

Hello, Daria!

“Universal soldier” is a great comparison. Shema can be really used for different purposes, both for funny games and peaceful rest. Your daughter will never be bored with her kitten…

Ivan Kalina
Generally we like the toy, as we couldn’t find any analogs on the market. The app is convenient, turning the toy on is easy. It’s sewed neatly. But in silence when the module is activating some noises and sound interference occur. And when we just turn on the toy the sound should increase gradually from quiet but not sharply to the adjusted volume. And still we continue exploring the kitten. High-quality material, soft light, convenient app controlling

Hello, Ivan.

Of course, our kitten is made of hypo allergenic velour, all the elements are embroidered. It’s really convenient that using our app you can control the toy remotely. We constantly stri…

The kitten is wonderful! It’s very soft and pleasant to cuddle. All the settings are easy to understand. Our son likes the toy very much, he falls asleep hugging Shema. Battery life is really good. Just perfect!

Hello, Diana!

We are very happy you like the kitten. All the settings are really understanable and you can also find an instruction of how to control the kitten in our app. Shema has a very powerf…

Hello) My daughter got your kitten when she turned two. And to be honest she was a little scared of it. Then we pulled out the module and she cuddled the toy while sleeping. Every night the kitten was there to save her sleep. Wherever we traveled, we took our kitten with us. And after one of such trips with the change of climate and a lack of routine sleeping problems appeared. Our daughter refused to go to bed alone, only with a parent and she didn’t even feel sleepy for a couple more hours 🙈 Me and my husband didn’t have a good sleep for 3 weeks, as our daughter woke up in the middle of every night and got into our bed.. To tell the truth, by that time we’ve forgotten about the kitten, but your app update notification appeared to be a reminder for us😂 we chose melodies for our baby (she is 2 and 3), she liked cat’s purring most of all. One day it was time for a nap, I didn’t know what to expect. I turned on the kitten, got in bed next to my daughter and in 20 minutes magic happened, she fell asleep! At night we left the kitten with observation mode on and we finally got a chance to sleep all night long, for the first time in three weeks! I sincerely thank you for making your idea a reality!) Thanky you for good sleep and peace at home❤️ Excellent in everything

Hello, Nadezhda!

It’s really nice to hear that the kitten became your helper and your baby’s sleepy friend.👍🏼 It can take some time for a baby to get used to the kitten. We also enjoy falling aslee…

The kitten is amazing! Our child loved it at first sight just like a real one and now they never part))) The toy’s material is delightful Battery life is very good! The only thing we don’t like is that downloaded files (songs or fairy tales) shuffle and I have to change melodies by myself. Melodies played in the other they are listed would be better) But still it’s a minor shortcoming) We are really happy to have this toy! Convenience, material, quality, battery life

Hello, Svetlana.

We are happy to hear your baby likes the kitten.😊 Material used is really of high quality, we carefully selected it. And the battery is so powerful that module can work for 8 hours …

You won’t ever regret buying this toy! Your baby boy or baby girl will fully appreciate this smart kitten. You get a chance to download music you like, set up different modes and the kitten itself is just amazing:) Good battery life

Hello, Andrew.

Shema is really amazing! Using the app you can choose different modes, adjust sensitivity and sound volume.☺️
our kitten has a powerful battery, so it can work 8 hours without recharg…

Julia Fisko
Overall impression is: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍 It’s impossible to describe. There’a a saying “To be in raptures over something” and I’m in raptures over this kitten. Our baby fell asleep immediately with it. I would listen to it purring forever! Unboxing. When you just open the box you see the cutest paws, isn’t it sweet? The box itself is flawless and of high quality. App controlling is a great bonus! It’s very easy in use! Shipping. Expected delivery was in 7-9 days. But we got our kitten in 4 days. The shortcoming is that at first I didn’t understand how to connect the app with the module. But in 5 minutes I worked it out..) and the baby fell asleep next to the kitten right away. The kitten “full of” advantages

Hello, Julia.

It’s so pleasant to read your review. The kitten’s purring is fascinating and it soothes not only babies but also their parents.

We cooperate with a time-honored transportation …

The toy is super cute. The material used is very soft. I’m totally satisfied with the quality and packaging, everything is flawless. High-quality toy

Hello, Tamara.

We agree that our kittens are very cute. They are made of hypo allergenic velour. We carefully selected the material for the toys.

Cat’s purring record shouldn’t have any leaps. We’v…

The toy is good, but there’s no instruction of how to use those 4 buttons on the module. Pretty kitten, very soft, minimalistic design

Hello, Tatiana.

We send usage instructions in SMS, probably you didn’t get it. We’ll contact you and provide you with all the information.

It is true that the kitten is cute, soft and has no un…

New Shema 2
There are more opportunities.
The accelerated time of charging and active operating time of 12 hours. The improved buttons. The increased safety. Ability to create playlists.
Made by dad
Watch the video of how Shema was created and what inspired us to invent our kitten. We put our heart into this toy.
Sleep meditation
in every kitten
When you bathe your baby or do the massage simply turn on the meditation. Now your baby has a ritual of falling asleep. And the process of getting baby to bed will become much easier.
Voiced by
Marina Lisovets
Sleep under protection
Shema turns on by the slightest sound or light touch. The toy will always react to the baby’s crying and turn on quicker than you can come to your baby.
Rhythm that soothes
We tuned vibrations to the rhythm of the heartbeat - 60 beats per minute. Simply hugging Shema will bring feelings of peace.
Smile and get enough sleep
Combine modes. Turn on the light and sound that soothe the baby and prolong his sleep. Choose which setting is best for your baby
Controlling a toy has never been so easy
To activate the toy, just open the App. Turn on the sound, light and vibration. You can create and save a unique mode for your baby with our flexible settings.
Easy to charge
Shema charges via USB. NO MORE batteries.
Combine modes and have fun
Modes «Observations» and «Deep Sleep» are perfectly combined with each other. Choose the best for your baby.
Adjust Sensitivity of Shema
Sensors can be conveniently adjusted to the surroundings.
Select the color of the night light to fit your babies mood
The night light works three modes and can glow with 300 different colors. Enjoy.
Select the time of night light or sound
From one minute to two hours.
Shema responds quickly to commands
Combine modes and have fun
Modes «Observations» and «Deep Sleep» are perfectly combined with each other. Choose the best for your baby.
Adjust Sensitivity of Shema
Sensors can be conveniently adjusted to the surroundings.
Select the color of the night light to fit your babies mood
The night light works three modes and can glow with 300 different colors. Enjoy.
Select the time of night light or sound
From one minute to two hours.
Download the app to your phone and we will have a strong connection between each other.
Soft, durable and stylish
The baby will remember this sleepy teddy friend for life. Elegant embroidered elements will bring a smile and joy to anyone. Your baby won't be bored with Shema
From 120
From 90
From 120
From 90
From 120
From 90
From 120
From 90
Features and functions
Toy size
6.7×10.5 inches (17×27 cm)
Battery life
In active mode - 4–5 days
USB charging
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 4.0
High impact resistance
Withstand a drop from a height of 50 centimeters on tile
Toy material
Hypo allergenic velour
How to use
iOS (firmware version 9.1 and higher) and Android (firmware version 6.0 and higher)
Purring of cat, The sound of mother's tummy, Lullabies, The sound of mother's tummy + Lullabies, The purring of cat + The sound of mother's tummy
LEDs that shine 300 colors and shades
60 beats per minute
4 GB or 32GB
What age is the toy designed up to?
From 0 to 5 years old. When we made Shema, we planned that in the first six months, it would be used mostly by parents. Shema will help them take care of the baby at night, help the baby to go to sleep or entertain the baby with games during the daytime. The child will start to be interested in a plush toy in the fifth or sixth month. The baby will gnaw it or look at the way Shema glows. Shema will become a talisman of childhood for your baby. At one and a half or two years old, the baby can play with the app: set different colors, switch lullabies or just calm down by soft vibrations.
How is the toy charged?
The toy is charged by Micro USB. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh and the charge will last for 4-5 days of active use. The battery is fully charged in 4-5 hours, so it’s better to charge the toy at night.
Where is the toy made?
The toy is made in China in the city of Shenzhen. We flew to China and attended all the stages of production. These factories have European certificates of production standards ISO 9001: 2008 and they work only with European manufacturers of children's toys. All employees are qualified; they wear robes and work in gloves and hats.
What sounds does the toy make?
We created eight unique sounds. You can listen to them on this website. Also in every kitten there is 4gb or 32gb memory card so you can upload any sounds that you like or your baby likes.
How can I wash the toy?
Teddy kitten can be washed in a washing machine on manual mode at 30 degrees. Do not forget to remove the module from the kitten; otherwise it will stop working after washing! Try not to drop the module and do not immerse it in water.
How can I install the app?
The Shema app can be installed on iOS and Android platforms. It is free.
Is the toy safe?
Yes. The toy is made of hypo allergenic velour. We tested it for safety in laboratories and received the EAC certificate. The module is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is almost impossible to break. Shema is the safest toy in your home.
How does the night light work?
The night light works in three modes. It knows how to glow with 300 different colors and shades.
  • In the «Rainbow» mode, - one color smoothly flows into another.
  • In the «Colourful play of light» mode, Shema glows with one color and changes the intenseness: from dim to bright and back.
  • In the «Steady light» mode, the module glows evenly with a soft color that you select from the palette.
What is included?
Included: plush kitten, module, Micro USB charging cable, certificate of conformity and a warranty card.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, Shema module has a 10 year warranty. If module is defective, we will replace it no questions asked.
How can I turn the toy on?
We recorded a 3 minute instructional video. Watch it and if you have any questions, email us or call the toll free number 8 800 551-77-61.
How does the module work?