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Toy and module
Is the toy safe?
Yes. The toy is made of hypo allergenic velour. We tested it for safety in laboratories and received the EAC certificate. The module is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is almost impossible to break. Shema is the safest toy in your home.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, Shema module has a 1 year warranty. If module is defective, we will replace it no questions asked.
Where is the toy made?
The toy is made in China in the city of Shenzhen. We flew to China and attended all the stages of production. These factories have European certificates of production standards ISO 9001: 2008 and they work only with European manufacturers of children's toys. All employees are qualified; they wear robes and work in gloves and hats.
How does the module work?

The light button. Short press to turn on in ”deep sleep“ mode. Press and hold until the module vibrates to turn on in ”observation“ mode. Press and hold again to turn off ”observation“ mode.

Press three times to lock all buttons if baby is playing with it.


Sound button works the same way as the light button.


Volume up and volume down buttons.

Lock on/off button by pressing and holding both volume switches until the module vibrates twice.

How is the toy charged?
The toy is charged by USB Type-C. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh and the charge will last for 8—12 hours of active use. The battery is fully charged in 4—5 hours, so it’s better to charge the toy at night.
How can I wash the toy?
Teddy kitten can be washed in a washing machine on manual mode at 30 degrees. Do not forget to remove the module from the kitten; otherwise it will stop working after washing! Try not to drop the module and do not immerse it in water.
What age is the toy designed up to?

Shema helps parents during the first six months of having a baby. The kitten is a part of bedtime rituals. It soothes babies to help prepare for sleep and makes this process easier for parents.

Shema has 256 different combinations, which help get your baby to sleep through the night. Parents will find a unique key to their baby’s good night sleep.

At around 4 months of age babies start teething and have sore gums. It is quite uncomfortable for babies but a teether kitten is a remedy to soothe the pain. Moreover, silicone anti-slip case protects the module. It’s convenient for babies to play with it, push the buttons and switch songs.

At the same period of time a child gets interested in a plush kitten. He/she stares at it, amazed by shining, hugs it before sleep and listens to fairytales.

18 months-5 years old. Shema helps a child fall asleep on his own. The child takes it to bed and doesn’t have fear of sleeping alone. The kitten sings lullabies, soothes with purring and creates a pleasant atmosphere when shining. The child picks a story to listen to and a color of the night light in the app. The kitten makes the baby feel safe and helps fall asleep. At this age children develop emotional connections with others. So the kitten will become not only a favorite toy but also a good friend.

At this age children develop emotional connections with others. The kitten will become not only a favorite toy but also a good friend.


What sounds does the toy make?
We created eight unique sounds. You can listen to them on this website. Also in every kitten there is 4gb or 32gb memory card so you can upload any sounds that you like or your baby likes.
How can I install the app?

The Shema app can be installed on iOS and Android platforms. It is free.

iPhone Android

How does the night light work?
The night light works in three modes. It knows how to glow with 300 different colors and shades.
  • In the «Rainbow» mode, - one color smoothly flows into another.
  • In the «Colourful play of light» mode, Shema glows with one color and changes the intenseness: from dim to bright and back.
  • In the «Steady light» mode, the module glows evenly with a soft color that you select from the palette.
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